Hex Pops is a limited edition collection of unique NFTs fated to live forever on the Ethereum Blockchain.

They're little voodoo dolls imbued with magic and linked to fictional, legendary, sometimes real living beings.

They're cute. They're adorable.

They're bewitched.

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Hex #008 | Spacey

This is NOT a generative project. Each Hex Pop is handmade with much love and a wee bit of magic.

Hex Pops are mainly created by our in-house creative team, but watch out for exclusive editions developed in collaboration with artists we love and admire.

Hex #006 | Blue Alien


  • Hex Pops will be dropped in waves of 10 on OpenSea.
  • Special edition drops might be released in waves of lower -or single- units.
  • Each wave will include editions of 1/1, that means each Hex Pop is simply unique.
  • Some Hex Pops might be whitelisted for collectors and fans. Make sure to join/follow our social channels to have access to these opportunities.


Will Hex Pop waves be revealed in advance?

  • Yes, drop dates and exclusive/rare editions will be revealed in advance through our social channels. Keep your eyes wide open and don't miss out.


"Exclusive"? "Rare editions"? Aren't all 1/1s?

  • They are. Hex Pops are designed by a combination of unique attributes that summed together, make each NFT distinct. No two Hex Pops will ever be alike. However, some uncommon and/or special ones will be dropped from time to time, making them more valuable.


"A wee bit of magic"? Are you serious?

  • Yes. Each NFT carries a digital hex, a hidden code, a wishful spell to offer protection, attract wealth, promote happiness and -why not- find love. But we perfectly know that you don't believe in that Voodoo stuff, don't you?

Hex #002 | Pukey Puck

The Hex Pops project is always expanding and as our collection and community grows, collectors can expect special access to the latest news, products, merchandise and events.

First wave of 10 out now!

join/follow our social channels for regular updates

First wave of 10 out now!

follow our social channels for regular updates!

First wave of 10 out now!

join/follow our social channels for regular updates

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